Hedef Yapı A.Ş.

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Hedef Yapı Tourism Food Communication Printing Incorporated Company started its commercial activities in the field of sub-structure construction industry in 1995 as a limited company.

Within a short time it started to work in the field of superstructure, as well as in sub-structure areas and principled, reliable operations successfully carried the company today.

In order to move the successful ongoing work with its expert and professional staff to different areas and continue the work in areas where high quality and reliable discipline is required, the company changed its statue from limited to incorporated.

Hedef Yapı continues its commercial activities of the different areas especially at Russia, Europe and Middle-East countries, with a particular emphasis on important and export.


  • Sub-Structure
  • Super Structure
  • Communication
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Food

Quality – Enviroment – Work safety policy

To provide services in superstructure and sub-structure sectors in accordance with customer requirements and legal requirements with employee knowledge and experience,

Our company is committed to the continuous improvement of quality, environment and work safety measures necessary for being a protective company against the environment in the its headquarters and construction sites.

  • To create the basic that can meet the needs of our customers as soon as possible and in the best way.
  • By adhering to our principles, kepping the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level with continuous improvements in our system.
  • To support and increase the work and personal development of all our employees with the necessary trainings.
  • To constantly improve system of quality,environment and work safety
  • Using raw materials, water and energy effectively to minimize our environmental impact
  • To do the risk analysis of all activities, machineries and equips and reduce their impacts on environmental health and safety
  • Disposal of hazardous waste generated by our projects by licenced organizations
  • All our activities to be compatible with our quality, environment and work safety system
  • To prevent possible emergency situation and work accidents before they arise
  • Our management team and employees are aware of that sustainable success in quality, environment and work safety can be realized with the participation of all our employees.